Singles Club: Raveonettes

If there are two things we love here at LET, it’s the Raveonettes and free music. Combine the two and, hell, that’s better than marshmallow fluff and sex, as far as I’m concerned (though Megan says the jury’s still out). The Danish duo is releasing a series of four digital EPs over at Vice Records and they were kind (or inebriated) enough to offer the first one for free. I understand you have to pay for the others, but how much of a good thing can you expect?

For this outing, the band employed the aid of producer 80KIDZ, Alec Empire-conspirator Nic Endo and Danish DJ Trentemøller. Now, if you felt the one thing missing from Lust Lust Lust was a complete re-interpretation of some of the tracks into heavily techno jams, well, today is your lucky day, indeed. I’ve always felt that the best covers of a song dramatically change the structure while retaining the original feel. If that’s the goal, mission accomplished here.

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