Singles Club: Sia’s You’ve Changed and Lykke Li’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

I was in the car with The Missus yesterday when I mentioned to her that two of my favorite pixies (no, not those Pixies) had just unleashed some free mp3 love on the world. As a great many conversations with The Missus go, she asked me what the hell I was talking about. I then informed her that Sia had dropped “You’ve Changed” from her upcoming CD, We Are Born, via Twitter, and that Lykke Li, apparently apropos of nothing, gave away her take on the Shirelles classic, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

As is also the case with many conversations with The Missus, this led to a complete non sequitur regarding “actual” pixies. “I can see you calling Sia a pixie, but not Lykke. Pixies can’t have long hair.” While I still have no idea where that notion came from, I did agree that LL was not necessarily the first person that would come to mind when one thought of pixies.

“However,” I retorted, “if we use the X-Man Pixie as our baseline, it’s absolutely the right word. Sia would be your early Pixie before she lost part of her soul to the demon Belasco and effectively became Dark Pixie during X-Infernus. I think it’s more than fair to think of Lykke Li as a very credible Dark Pixie.” And then I was met with the blank stare that a lot of women give me when I start trying to reduce everything to comic books. Such is the story of my life, I suppose.

Regardless, these are two great tracks. You might possibly recognize Sia’s track, as she did an earlier version with Lauren Flax. This new version is a lot less dance floor-y and better showcases her vocals as opposed to Ms. Flax’s production skills. LL similarly comports herself quite nicely on this Motown gem.

Pixies, indeed, says I.

mp3: You’ve Changed (Sia from the forthcoming We Are Born)

mp3: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Lykke Li from her website)
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2 thoughts on “Singles Club: Sia’s You’ve Changed and Lykke Li’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

  1. I love how you segue the topic of Sia and Lykke Li to Marvel's Pixie. I'm lovin' both tracks, but I'm more partial towards Ms. Zachrisson's track than Ms. Furler's.

  2. As i assume to be much to The Missus' chagrin, some leaps seem perfectly logical to me, but not necessairly so much so for others.

    Or my pain meds had kicked in.


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