Singles Club: St. Vincent

Have you heard the new St. Vincent single, “The Strangers”, yet? It’s from Actor, due out this May. I’ve got to say, I kind of like it, just a little bit. Annie Clark sounds like she’s remained true to the sound her glorious debut, Marry Me , but seems to have updated things, slightly as well. Ms. Clark’s ethereal vocals play marvelously against a backdrop of lush, lightly tinged electronica and odd instrumentation, creating quite the sonic palette.

I understand the CD was in part inspired by her viewing of classic Disney movies, and I’d like to say for the record, I’m all for her scoring the next Grimm bastardization.

Since you were kind enough to stop by here to get your St. Vincent fix, how about a little something extra, too? Here’s St. Vincent’s take on the Beatles classic, live at Ft. Worth Modern.

mp3: The Strangers

mp3: Dig a Pony

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