Singles Club: The Swinging Singles Edition

i figured i was just going to put together some snow mix today, seeing as how the DC area got hit with around two feet worth of the powdery stuff over the weekend, but i suppose i’ll reserve that for another day. When i turned on my computer this morning, i found a virtual cornucopia of free mp3 love just waiting for me to share with you. For both our protection and enjoyment, rest assured that i’m wearing a full latex bodysuit while i type this. Actually, i’m wearing nothing but hip waders right this moment, but we’re clearly getting off topic here. Yipes.

If you already are on the Zero 7 email list, you’d know that the band is offering a kick-ass live session version of “Mr. McGee,” the regular version of which can be found their latest, Yeah Ghost. You might think that the band is only capable of creating its sound in a studio environment, but that would simply make you wrong. Having seen these cats live a couple of times now, i can assure you that they put on a stellar show. i imagine you’ll agree with me that this track goes a long way in furthering my point. In return for said sign, they’d be ever so thankful if you’d join that aforementioned email list.

mp3: Mr. McGee (Zero 7, live session)

Next up is the latest from Jason Collett from his upcoming Rat a Tat Tat CD. Due out March 9, 2010, Mr. C once again teams up with Carlin Nicholson and Michael O’Brien. If this track, Love is a Dirty Word, is any indication, we’re in for another round of indie pop rock goodness. You know, for my money, those Arts & Crafts cats just can’t seem to put out a bad album.

mp3: Love is a Dirty Word (Jason Collett from Rat a Tat Tat)

Still not sure whose mailing list sent me our next yum yum treat, but if you’ve always thought another collaboration between Danger Mouse and James Mercer would be tits, well, consider yourself amply breasted, kid. They did a fine job teaming up on “Insane Lullaby” on Dark Night of the Soul, and might just sound even better here. If nothing else, this latest track is a lot less spastic. Their new project is called Broken Bells, and ditto on that signing up for ye olde email list. Oh, and ditto on the March 9 release date, too, though an on-line version will be available tomorrow (Dec. 22).

mp3: The High Road (Broken Bells from Broken Bells)

And for a final piece of goodness, Kayne West has the latest from Mos Def up on his blog. Ski Beatz produced the track, but i have no idea what album this is from or what Kanye’s role in the track might be. Oh well, it’s kick ass regardless, so who’s complaining? It’s not like the guy hasn’t provided the world with buckets of entertainment in the past.

mp3: 24 Hour Karate School (Mos Def from Kayne’s website)

Regarding calling today’s Single’s Club the Swinging Singles edition, i really just wanted an excuse to post this.

Chrissy Snow as a boozing whore and J.J. Evans trying to avoid marriage. Now That’s DYNOMITE!
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