Singles Club: Wishery by Pogo

Regular readers (and hopeful submitters) should know by now that if you’ve got anything that samples Star Wars, Disney or anything else that speaks to my infantile nature, odds are pretty damn good i’m going to post it. Which is all the more reason why i’m so disappointed i hadn’t heard of Pogo until just recently.

If you, too, are in the dark, Pogo is a genius beat master who takes delight in ripping and flipping from some of your favorite kiddie flicks, with a particular nod towards the works of Walt and his successors. The Australian DJ apparently had some kind of contract with the big eared corporation which just ran out a few days ago. Fortunately for us, he used the opportunity to tear up some Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for your blunted and beated pleasure. Seeing as the video has more than 1.2 million hits in a week, i think you’ll agree it’s the latest meme with the mostest. Most importantly for our purposes, however, that sumbitch grooves.

While Pogo has a boatload of tunes up at his website available for download, i’ll be damned if i could get any of them to play in my iTunes. Fortunately, he’s got back-up over at Go here for a few albums worth of additional tunes. For example…

mp3: Anna (Pogo from Table Scraps)

mp3: Alice (Pogo from Wonderland)
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