Supershark: Beyond the Ken of Mortal Killer Fish

i thought adding -ZA as a suffix was somewhat 1992, but i’ve decided not to hold that against up and comer, DZA. For one thing, his beats bear virtually no resemblance to anything Wu, which is good. Secondly, he’s from the former CCCP, so i’m not sure how those daffy bastards spell things over there anyway. i can tell you this, though–true to form, his latest EP is a precise beast of calculating efficiency. It probably eats topless girls at the beach after hours, too, but i’m clearly speculating on that latter point.

A joint release between the phenomenal Project: Mooncircle and equally above nominal Jus’ Like Music, this seven track monster adheres to its namesake–sleek beats moving in a deadly swirl, leaving a trail of robotic funk in its wake. At least, that’s what the first four tracks would have you believe before the frantic action begins. “Apple Joo” acts as a course primer, before “Easy Goo” begins pummeling the listener with a relentless percussion attack. Commencing with the vagtastically named “Twat,” the latter half of the affair strays from the first few more clock-like steady tracks. Hell, “Shark Battle Tool” sounds like a bunch of random sounds with only the loosest of connectivity, but within the context of the predator metaphor already established, it’s the perfect ending, creating the aural equivalent of a feeding frenzy.   Sharks patrol these waters, so don’t let your fingers dangle.

mp3: Supershark EP Mini-Mix (DZA)

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