Sweep the Leg, Johnny

The Missus and i went and saw the new Karate Kid relaunch last night, and it was pretty good, all things being equal. It’s not going to change your life or anything, but it’s certainly worth the price of admission. Jaden Smith does a better than average job with the role, even if it’s a surreal how much like Poppa Will he looks and acts at times. Jackie Chan actually acts, which is refreshing, and handles himself admirably, as well. The only real complaint i had was that the kids were a bit young for the amount of ass kicking involved. Sure, in Kick Ass, it was played to the extreme, but i think Willie and Jade could have waited a few years before buying this vehicle for their kid. Apparently, there are no age or weight classes in Chinese martial arts tournaments, or so this flick would have you believe.

Oh yeah, and one other MAJOR disappointment. i understand it’s a relaunch, not a remake of the original, and that they only wanted to stick to the overriding philosophies and principals of the first flick, but how can you do a Karate Kid movie and NOT have its single most memorable line in it? Boo, writers.

Thank Black Dynamite, No More Kings has our backs.

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