Taco Thursday Mixtape Love

OK, today’s mixtapes have absolutely nothing to do with tacos, but i’ve clearly got them on my mind, so make of that what you will. Me, i’m thinking dinner. i know what you were thinking, though. Sinner.

Rapidly becoming LET faves, the Glitch Mob just dropped a new mixtape, Drink the Sea Part II: The Mixtape. They teamed up with the folks at MiskhaNYC to produce it, so there’s that. i seem to recall recently seeing some article decrying all this recent corporate sponsorship of music, but i’ve got to say, the stuff coming from the fashion industry camps (Levi’s Pioneer Sessions, Converse) seems to be pretty money. Hell, Red Bull Academy’s stuff alone is worth the price of admission, and you couldn’t make me drink that horse piss. (Yes, i realize they’re not fashion, but they are corporate, which was my ill made point.) Before i digress any further, though, this mix essentially is smooth groove sailing from start to finish.

Speaking of sponsored mixtapes, the folks over at Heart Music Group have put together a doozy for a warehouse party they held earlier this week in L.A. The mixtape has unreleased tracks by each of the acts that played. i snagged it based on the inclusion of LET man-crush Baths (no homo), but the entire thing is pretty dope. Blissed out beats and spacey jams here, kiddos.

mp3: Nordic Laurel (Baths from Heart Symbol (freaking blogspot won’t let me do the actual symbol because it keeps trying to read it as source code; uf dah))

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