Terminal Muse: Blue by Lid Emba

As i’ve stated time and again here at OB, i’m a big fan of folks trying out new sounds.  It’s the exploratory nature of beat music that tends to make it exciting for my ear holes.

Enter Lid Emba.  The Stickfigure Recordings artist is back with Terminal Muse: Blue, the second in a trilogy “dedicated to the cost of persistence in art.”  To call it different would be an understatement.  This is spastic beat music for those with criminally short attention spans, ironic for such long tracks.

i try to stay away from cutting and pasting press releases, but i thought this one was particularly well worded:

“As a defense against succumbing completely to such a harsh view, Lid EMBA imagines a musical world in which the three chord, hard-fast-rules that broke the back of a tepid progressive rock scene never came to pass. Instead, the intensity intended for punk is absorbed, minus the blues quotient, and married to the avant garde moves of European electronic music and American jazz, creating a more surreal but no less visceral, liberating force.

While a less experienced practitioner of such a description would create an album of monochrome fury, Terminal Muse: Blue is a varied and well measured listen. Sure, there’s dissonance, crunching synthesizers, blips, bloops, ice cold organs, lush orchestral swells, stuttering drums, and absolutely nothing danceable in the rolling-at-2:00-in-the-morning sense. Simultaneously, there’s a shrewd and eccentric compositional scheme underpinning the surface irrationality that values symmetry, balance, and the superimposition and collision of variable melodic and rhythmic cells.”

i LOVE that “…absolutely nothing danceable in the rolling-at-2:00-in-the-morning sense” line.  That’s good writing there.  And this here is some good, avant garde  listening here.

mp3:  Zakula (Lid Emba from Terminal Muse: Blue)

mp3: Macedonia (Lid Emba from Terminal Muse: Blue)

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