Terrible Chris’ Fave Albums of 2010, Part the First

OK, now that the 2010 is behind us, and we have ALL the facts in front of us, here’s my list of favorite CDs of the year past. As Megan will tell you, i’m not a huge fan of lists because, quite frankly, they’re all just opinions. And as we all know, my opinion is superior to all others, so i just feel bad when i put out lists that so obviously trump all others. Oh well, it’s my cross to bear.

And because i spent so damn long on this list, posting the links, etc., i’m breaking it up into a four parter. Be still your beating hearts, i know.
Now, part the first.

1. The Black Keys, Brothers–OK, i lied. This clearly was the best CD of 2010. Paraphrasing one of the better reviews i recall reading, the Keys didn’t reinvent the wheel with this one, they just proved they could make it rounder, rubberier and added spokes.

2. Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra, Honker–Probably the best CD of the year by a guy of whom you’ve never heard. Hopefully, the future will change that, as he’s quite possibly the wittiest lyricist out there today.

3. Reggie Watts, Why Shit So Crazy?–This is more of a comedy/performance piece, but Watts shows what a sense of humor, a loop machine and a strong sense of lyrics can do.

4. Project: Mooncircle Artists, The Moon Comes Closer–Yes, i’m a Project: Mooncircle junkie, and this probably was my favorite offering from them in ’10. The fact that it contains a huge chunk of their roster certainly didn’t hurt.

5. Admiral Radley, I Heart California–i can’t believe this wasn’t on more “Best Of” lists. Critics and bloggers who are not me can be such maroons.

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