Terrible Chris’ Fave Albums of 2010, Part Trois

Ready for some more? The build-up is orgasmic, isn’t it?

11. Autolux, Transit Transit–Sure, i would have liked to have heard this a few years ago, too, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

mp3: Supertoys (Autolux from Transit Transit)

12. Baths, Cerulean–Yet another kick ass beat CD.

mp3: Lovely Bloodflow (Baths from Cerulean)

13. jj, Kills Mixtape–A free mixtape that stacks up with some of the best of the year. Take that, you RIAA motherfuckers.

mp3: KILL THEM (jj from Kills Mixtape)

mp3: NEW WORK (jj from Kills Mixtape)

mp3: HIGH END (jj from Kills Mixtape)

14. Liz Phair, Funstyle–Fuck you, Bitch Spork, this thing had plenty of moments.

mp3: Oh Bangladesh (Liz Phair from Funstyle)

15. Vampire Weekend, Contra–While my esteemed contemporary at Berkeley Place felt much differently, i thought this was a nice, light hearted pop affair that holds up after multiple listens. If nothing else, it shows how to use Autotune correctly.

mp3: Horchata (Vampire Weekend from Contra)

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