The 2999 Project by King Deluxe

Full disclosure, i’m kind of embarrassed i haven’t heard of The 2999 Project before now.  Launched in 2010, the fine folks over at King Deluxe have reached out to a number of beatheads to help  “soundtrack the end of the 30th century.”  Calling upon such luminaries as DNTEL, Strangeloop, Mochipet and too many others to name individually, each cat throws his or her own spin on what he or she sees happening to the world in some 999 years from now.  But wait!  There’s more!  To top things off, the Canadian label also reached out to an equal number of illustrators to create visuals to go along with the songs.  The project is at once massive and intimate, and the regular updates only keep the thing moving steadily forward.  The beats tend to be bass heavy shakers on the glitchy side, but who’s complaining?  To keep this post timely, the latest installation of the project is done, featuring none other than Baconhead and his take on the inevitable interstellar attack from the Zorgon Empire.  Beats of wisdom ensue.  Heady stuff, indeed.  And who doesn’t love bacon?  Nobody.  Not even your grandfather.

mp3: Gamma Girl (Baconhead from The 2999 Project)

mp3: Upghostery (Liar from The 2999 Project)

mp3: Petdestroyer (Mochipet from The 2999 Project)

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