The Chill/Funk Trip by Made of Wood

Hello, is this thing on?  Is there anybody left out there?

Yes, yes, i know.  It’s been a long time.  I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to.

Truth of the matter is, i was growing a bit burnt out on blogging and needed a bit of a respite.  So, a long family vacation, a couple of work trips, some meaningful car rides and a bit of cosmic surfing on the intergalactic waves of funkmanship later, i’m back.  To be blunt, blogging more of less for five years straight for various different folks is both ultimately rewarding and pretty goddamn hard.  Ask any longtime blogger, and they’ll tell you that content is king.  The problem with music blogging is the amount of music one must listen to just to have enough to write about on a daily basis.  Think about it–i get up to a dozen CDs a day.  Just deciding which ones i want to listen to (typically by virtue of small samples from the albums or bribery in the form of nudes of someone in the band’s ex-girlfriend) can take up an hour a day just by itself.  And then there’s listening to the full albums themselves. It gets to the point where one is only listening to stuff for one’s blog, which is all good and well, but it hardly gives the writer time to listen to much else.  Of course, i love beat music, but i also listen to damn near everything else under the sun when i can.  It’s a point of “when i can.”  Throw in a wife and a one-year-old, and you should begin to see from whence that burnout was originating.

i figure the best way to get our groove going again is to ease back into things, no?  With that in mind, i can think of no better offering than The Chill/Funk Trip by Made of Wood.  The name pretty much says it all, kids.  These jazzed up grooves are in no rush, but will get your booty there and back nonetheless.  These laid back tracks are a combo of improvisation and electronic elements- many of which come from sampling and alterations of his own performances. You should be able to hear trace elements of his heroes in Air, Funkadelic and The Cinematic Orchestra.  My instructions are to download, spark something, hit play and repeat as necessary.

mp3: Electric Funk Freak for Addy (Made of Wood from The Chill/Funk Trip)

mp3: Your Blown Future (Made of Wood from The Chill/Funk Trip)

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