The Cult of Sonnymoon

OK, truth be told, i have no idea if Sonnymoon has a cult-like following or not, but you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty good post title right there.  Sonnymoon certainly sounds like a good cult name for those not in the know.  Hell, if not for FRSH SLCTS, i might have ever heard of them at all.  Fortunately for us, however, FS did, i do, and now, you can, too.

The duo, Berklee grads Anna Wise on vox and Dane Orr on knobs and keyboards, dropped their debut, Golden Age, last year, and it isn’t too hard to find it for free if you look.  i’m literally listening to it as i type this, and so far, it ain’t too shabby at all.  Spritely vocals over lo-fi beats, a sinister combination with these two.  This time around, however, they tackle Flying Lotus’ “Zodiac Shit,” adding dreamy vocals and sleazy synths to the L.A. maestro’s original.  Arguably better yet, Sonnymoon also has dropped a beast on the Potholes X Prefix – Summer Sampler, full of the same sunny, spacey energy that is perfect for blunted summertime headphones.

mp3: Zodiac Shift (Sonnymoon Remix) (Flying Lotus from FRSH SLCTS)

mp3: Blast Off (Sonnymoon from Potholes X Prefix – Summer Sampler)

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