The Eddie Murphy Beat Tape by 100 Akres’ Fresh

100 Akres’s Fresh (formerly Nerd), he of the beautifully chopped samples, is back again with his latest beat tape, this time highlighting the beauty and majesty that was Eddie Murphy’s debut CD, How Could It Be?  i’ll be honest, i’ve been more impressed with some of 100’s experiments than others.  Fortunately, this one definitely goes into the “worth checking out” category.  If nothing else, it’s probably the most “fun” it sounds like he’s had in a minute.  Maybe that merely is the influence of the the cuts from Murphy’s “Raw” routine, but i’m guessing it’s more than that.  These beats are tight, funky and well oiled.  Not just for crazy, nekkid zebra bitches.

mp3: Mad Pudding (Fresh from The Eddie Murphy Beat Tape)

mp3: Him Her (Fresh from The Eddie Murphy Beat Tape)

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