The Funniest Sacrilegious Easter Mix You Will Ever Hear

Yes, i’m a couple of days early for the return of Undead Jesus, but tomorrow my office decided to use its floating holiday, so i just may drag my ass out to somewhere fun that may or may not have Internet connectivity. As such, i wanted to get this post in before the holiday had passed.

That’s right, children, gather round for the Funniest Sacrilegious Easter Mix You Will Ever Hear.

Side note: if you read as many music blogs as i do, you may well be familiar with Pop Tarts Suck Toasted. While a wonderful source for snagging a lot of brand new mp3s, you might have noticed a very familiar post there today. Coincidence that more than half his list of Top 10 Zombie tracks already were posted in The Greatest Zombie Mix You Will Ever Hear series and a few others were just different tracks by groups we pointed out? You make the call.
Uncle Terrible: taking ownership of the world’s most spread fruit cakes and talking trash to strangers for the attention it brings.

mp3: The Rabbit of Seville (Warner Bros. Symphony Orchestra from Bugs Bunny on Broadway!)

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