The Grateful Kez by Keswick

The more i think about it, i’m surprised i haven’t heard anyone else mix the Grateful Dead and beats together before now.  i’ll be the first to admit, i’m no Deadhead, but i have a brother who definitely is, so now we finally have some common ground music to discuss.  On The Grateful Kez, Brooklyn’s Fat Beat Studios engineer, Keswick, expertly melds old Dead interviews with album samples and an obvious way around a drum machine.  The end result is “shroom bap,” quite possibly my favorite new sub-genre name this year.  The real miracle here, though, is Keswick’s ability to transform long form guitar solos and recorded dialogue snippets into one funky, goddamn jam that easily could get the booties moving on Shakedown Street.  My only real problem with this album is the title.  Seriously, how could you not call this thing “Dead Beats,” kid?  Other than that, this definitely is music to steal faces to.

mp3: For Jerry (Keswick from The Grateful Kez)

mp3: Hippie-Hop (Keswick from The Grateful Kez)

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