The Great Wah Wah Giveaway EP Vol 2

Over the five-plus years i’ve been doing this whole music blogging thing, i’ve been fortunate enough to discover, and in some cases, establish nice relationships, with some pretty damn nice record labels.  As such, i’ve become pretty addicted to label comps.  Sue me; they’re habit forming.  Naturally, they can’t all be winners, but when the line-up is deep, and the music is funky, what’s not to love?

Case in point, the cats over at Wah Wah 45s just dropped their second Great Wah Wah Giveaway EP, featuring the likes of the Colman Brothers, Scrimshire, Stac and even a guest verse by none other than Q-Tip.  These are funk jams, plain and simple.  If that’s not enough to get your juices flowing, well, your pipes are probably frozen, so you should see a plumber or a doctor or something.  That shit sounds painful.  Once you’ve got that covered, however, check out this free joint and prepare to get your groove on, kids.

i don’t always post non-beat music, but when i do, you know it’s got to be funky.

mp3: Momo (Colman Brothers from The Great Wah Wah Giveaway EP Vol 2)

mp3: Breathing with DG (Colman Brothers vs. Q-Tip from The Great Wah Wah Giveaway EP Vol 2)

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