The Greatest 420 Mix You Will Ever Hear Today, Part the First

i heard somebody is having a big 420 party tomorrow. No, not for Hitler’s birthday, you damn Nazi. April 20 is the Stoner High Holiday, every one’s favorite call number for their favorite not exactly legal depending where you live plant. Or so i hear. It’s not like i’m a two time attendee of the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (13th and 15th annual do what now?) or anything. Hugs, not drugs, kids. Unless the hugs are administered by creepy strangers and/or the drugs are really good shit. i’m not saying, i’m just saying. What was i saying again?

Oh yes, Part the First of LET’s Two Part Greatest 420 Mix You Will Ever Hear Today. A few laughs and a few tracks to keep it stoney, son. You spit fiyah, and i’ll slurp smoke.

mp3: Champagne & Reefer (Muddy Waters from Muddy “Mississippi” Waters Live)

mp3: Medicinal Marijuana (Police Chief Wiggum, Sergeant Lou, Officer Eddie and Mr. Mitchell from The Canine Mutiny, Episode 20, Season 8)

mp3: When I Get Low, I Get High (Chick Webb & His Orchestra With Ella Fitzgerald from Viper Mad Blues: 25 Songs Of Dope And Depravity)

mp3: Suck Dick for Coke (Dave Chapelle, Bob Saget and the “I Seen It!” Guy from Half-Baked)

mp3: Smokin’ Cheeba Cheeba (George Benson & the Harlem Underground Band from Erotic Moods)

mp3: Smoker’s Anthem (Aesop from Legendary Music Vol. 2)

mp3: Smoke (ft. Blu) (J Dilla from Jay Stay Paid)

mp3: Something Stank ft. George Clinton (Sativa from Jersey Girl)

mp3: I NEED WEED (YG from 4 Fingaz Mixtape)

mp3: Breakfast Blunts (Ras G And The Afrikan Space Program from LA Series 3)

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