The Greatest (And Probably Only) Coumadin Mix You Will Ever Hear

In the on-going war to destroy my evil inner ninja scabs, one of my numerous docs has decided it’s time for me to take Coumadin, marking the third blood thinner i’m currently on these days. While they have me doing these for different reasons, some of the lovely effects include bruising as easily as a kindergarten girl and tending to bleed heavily if so much as a sharp breeze passes me by. To make matters more interesting still, Pop pointed out that the drug originally was used as rat poison. It’s clear that there’s only one way to process all this information overload. Yep, that’s right, it’s time to put together The Greatest (And Probably Only) Coumadin Mix You Will Ever Hear.

You know, at this point, i might as well just start a “Stump the Mix Master” column where you cats are invited to attempt to give me a topic upon which you think it would otherwise be impossible to make a mix tape. Of course, i will prove you wrong, but at least the kids at home can play along.

Seriously, a Coumadin mix? Sweet Yoda on a yak, i’m fucking good.

(Ed. note: upon further review, it was blatantly clear to the otherwise three blind refs that this mix had to start with Groucho’s remarks on the matter. For earlier fans who downloaded with the great mustachioed one riding fourth, please change your score cards to reflect appropriately. Clearly, i needed more meds before the original posting. Remember, kids, drugs make you strong, cool and popular.)

mp3: Poison (Grouch Marx clip from A Day at the Races)

mp3: Bleed Like Me (Garbage from Bleed Like Me)

mp3: Bruises (Melanie Pain from My Name Is)

mp3: I Smell A Rat (Buddy Guy from Stone Crazy!)

mp3: Poison (Bel Biv Devoe from Poison)

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2 thoughts on “The Greatest (And Probably Only) Coumadin Mix You Will Ever Hear

  1. You know, i must say i've been rather pleased w/ the accompanying pix of late–screen shot of the Cock Goblin from Code Monkeys, invisible strapless bras, Sex Bob-omb from Scott Pilgrim, and a beggin' ass midget w/ a topless Brazilian Carnival dancer.

    In addition to the good tunes, we at LET strive to bring our readers the finest in visual buffoonery.

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