The Greatest Beard-a-Thon Mix You Will Ever Hear

So i don’t really go into hockey here at LET, but never let it be said i am anything less than a 100%, 3/4 American, 1/4 Canuck Puck Head of the highest degree. i started playing street hockey when i was in grade school, broke my leg playing ice about two years ago and was playing in two adult rec leagues when my artery exploded. Being a Chicago native, i’m a huge Blackhawks fan, and even went to the outdoor game at Wrigley Field a couple of years back. Having lived in DC for the past decade-plus, i’ve become equally passionate about the Caps. Hell, i’ve had some kind of season ticket package since well before the Great 8, so you can only imagine the sheer joy i’m experiencing right now, just before either team starts down the path towards glory. i have not decided if a ‘Hawks/Caps series for the Cup would be the greatest or worst thing i could imagine, but i’ll tell you this–if either makes it that far, i will be at at least one game for either of my teams.

For the second year in a row, i’ve opted to join the Beard-a-Thon, which raises money to help keep kids with razor sharp blades and deadly sticks off the street and on the ice where they belong. i don’t ask anyone to donate to LET because, quite frankly, my day job treats me pretty nicely, but if you’ve ever thought, “Man, Terrible Chris is constantly giving and giving, what ever could lowly I ever do for lordly him?”

Throw a few ducats towards the cause, and we’ll call it even. Hell, if enough of you donate a buck, maybe i’ll even place in the top ten. Or better, you cheap bastards whom i love dearly.

Here’s the link not-so-subtly-hidden-like-above:

Now, i had to start from scratch, and i’ll be the first to admit i’m currently a light bulb in my mouth away from looking like Uncle Fester, but it’s hardly a grow-a-thon if i started with my usual thickness.

To get you in the mood, here comes The Greatest Beard-a-Thon Mix You Will Ever Hear.

mp3: Beard (Blur from Parklife)

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3 thoughts on “The Greatest Beard-a-Thon Mix You Will Ever Hear

  1. In a world of constant uncertainty, can any of us truly know what is or is not possible?

    In this case, however, i'm pretty positive.

    i refer you to their Amazaon and YouTube pages respectively, which have track samples available for, in this case, verification.

    T. Rex:


    i feel exceptionaly lawyerly right now, which probably means a storm's a brewin'.

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