The Greatest Inadvertent Zombie Songs You Will Hear Today

So i’m driving with the Missus this past weekend, listening to some new submissions, when i find myself drawn to a track called “December 1986” by a band named Lucky Delucci. From the A & B sides of the aforementioned single, i think it’s safe to say they put out winsome indie pop, with some nice choral interplay between male and female voices. For the life of me, however, i couldn’t figure out what it was about the titular track that was getting under my skin. Whilst i’m pondering, the Missus casually asked me if i was making a new update for The Greatest Zombie Mix You Will Ever Hear ™. Not following her, i replied i had no idea what she was talking about, to which she answered, “Listen to the chorus.” And i’ll be damned if she hadn’t stumbled upon one of the Greatest Inadvertent Zombie Songs You Will Hear Today.

Sure, you might think it’s a love song yourself upon first listen, but you tell me if the chorus isn’t saying something more:

Your Heart, Your Brains
All the Words that You say
Your Heart, Your Brains
All the Blood that’s in your Veins
Your Heart, Your Brains
Fill me up and I’m OK

mp3: December 1986 (Lucky Delucci from December 1986 Single)

That i happened to have found this second track on the same day seemed a bit too fortuitous not to write a post about it. So to keep your almost-blatant-but-not-quite zombie fix going today, here’s “I’m Dead” by The Liminanas. This one has that whole Wall of Sound vibe going, and it talks about being not alive. Sure, it’s probably just a metaphor for the spiritual death that follows an unsatisfactory romance, but there’s no reason it CAN’T be about zombies, too, right? Right. Because i always am.

mp3: I’m Dead (The Liminanas from The Liminanas 7″)
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