The Greatest Mixtape For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge You Will Ever Hear

This was going to be my birthday post, but then that damn blizzard hit, fucking up my entire schedule. Oh well, i made it to the Caps and the comic book store this past Friday, so the day wasn’t an entire waste. For those of you that feel bad for me, go buy me this in honor of this post.

Today we’re going to take a listen to a bunch of fucking tracks. i forget exactly from whose lips i first heard it, but it’s amazing that the word for making love, arguably one of the highlights of being alive, also is the exact same word we use when we want to hurt someone terribly or show extreme displeasure. Thankfully, no one has ever said to me, “fuck you, that was the worst fucking fuck i’ve ever fucking had to fucking endure*,” but such a sentence does begin to show just some of the many uses of every one’s favorite F word.

i’m so interested in the art of words that i even recently bought The F Word. Actually, i bought it for someone else, but i plan on borrowing it back shortly. And let’s face it, fuck is a good word. Sounds like the noise a racquetball makes when you throw it against the wall. Starts with a nice, soft “f” before slapping you with its “uck” at the end there. Is there anything that word can’t do? Not that i’m fucking aware of, Fucko.

* Because i only have sex with illiterate foreigners who don’t speak the language

mp3: Fuck Her Gently (Tenacious D from TD @ Great Merican Music Hall, San Francisco 3/3/00)

mp3: Fuck Tha Police (Kevin Davis from The Jason Lamb Sessions 6/06)

mp3: Fuk Yuh’s New Technique (Badly Dubbed Kung-Fu Dialogue)
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4 thoughts on “The Greatest Mixtape For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge You Will Ever Hear

  1. That book is brilliant! Pretty definitive bathroom reading for me. (I also like a lot of other alternative dictionaries, like my dictionary of sexual slang and such.)

    Good idea for a mix — I'll listen at work this week.

  2. mate!

    sorry, but could you take
    Fuck the Pain Away (Tits & Clits Remix) (Peaches from the Tits & Clits MySpace) off?

    thank you


  3. Done, BCS, and might i say, thank you for the gentlemanly request.

    For the rest of you labels/PR flaks/artists out there, see how easy that was? A simple request and a quick response. No muss, no fuss. Isn't it better when we all play nicely?

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