The Greatest Quickly Cobbled Together Vegas Mix You Ever Will Hear

OK, kids, i’m out of town for a few, attending a wedding reception for a high school chum in Las Vegas. i grew up outside of A.C., so casinos don’t do much for me, but it will be good to see the aforementioned pal o’ mine. And dig this–she hit it big as a runway model and apparently has married one of China’s leading movie stars (because Wiki never lies, right?). i won’t say anything more about the affair or name names, because let’s be honest, that would be gauche. Let’s not kid ourselves, however–you so wish you were me.

Postings probably will be sporadic at best for the next few, so consider yourself forewarned. i imagine Meg will do her best to keep you entertained in my absence.

Anyway, the clock’s ticking, i have work to wrap up, a new suit to pick up, things to see, people to do, etc., etc., etc., and my flight’s first thing in the morning. So here’s the Greatest Quickly Cobbled Together Vegas Mix You Ever Will Hear.

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