The Hanukkah-Ish Mix

Every year, i hear the perfectly reasonable complaint that all “holiday” mixes really are just Christmas mixes with a couple of non-Jesus tunes, if you’re lucky. Personally, i don’t care to which superstition you subscribe, but everyone needs some specific winter holiday mix to call one’s own, doesn’t one? Well, to all my Hebron brothers and sisters, i present to you the following Hanukkah-ish Mix.

OK, the first few really are more about Jews dealing with Christmas, but what do you want me to do about it? i just finds ’em and puts ’em together; i don’t writes ’em.

Alright, no real mention of any specific holiday at all here, but it does seem kind of appropriate, no?

mp3: Jews for Jesus (Eef Barzelay, live somewhere )

And the last one admittedly is a straight out Xmas track, but our girl, Fiona, offers heartfelt good cheer to the Chosen Peeps all the same.

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