The Hasselhoff Beat Tape by Fresh Nerd

by oddbodkins on May 1, 2012

Sure, we talked about Je$u$ yesterday, but today we’re going to talk about the beat head who keeps dying for our collective sins.  Fresh Nerd of 100 Akres has gone where i’m reasonably sure no other sane DJ has gone before, namely, David Hasselhoff’s 1980 “masterpiece,” Night Rocker, and worked his magic on it, giving us, the unsuspecting public, The Hasselhoff Beat Tape.  Frankly, i don’t see how the guy does it.  i thought he had plumbed new depths with Eddie Murphy’s How Could It Be for aptly named The Eddie Murphy Beat Tape, but i clearly stand corrected.  What’s more amazing still is how Fresh Nerd actually takes the otherwise unlistenable and transmutes it into a series of funky jams.  i, for one, am impressed.  Just stay the hell away from Bruce Willis, guy.  Nobody wants or needs another return from Bruno.  We’ve got to maintain some standards, right?

mp3: lastnightwasmadreal (Fresh Nerd from The Hasselhoff Beat Tape)

mp3: evol (Fresh Nerd from The Hasselhoff Beat Tape)

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