The Heavens Bleed Sunshine by Thavius Beck

Not all beats are created equally, and for this, i say, Thank Dolemite!  If everything was simply 808 drums and brostep bass drops, this instrumental hip-hop sub-genre that we so enjoy ‘roudn these parts would already be dead by now.  Thanks to cats like Thavius Beck, however, this is not a problem we’ll need to worry about anytime soon.  On The Heavens Bleed Sunshine, his latest on Plug Research, TB demonstrates crate depth and reach, blending multiple genres into tracks that are both ass shakable and head noddable, truly worthy qualities, i’m sure we’ll all agree.  While there’s seemingly a tasted of everything in these joints, it’s the airy, jazzy nature that sets these tunes apart from the pack of regular bass abusers.  For backpackers with no place to go but skyward.

mp3: Thanks (Thavius Beck from The Heavens Bleed Sunshine)

mp3: Watson (Thavius Beck from The Heavens Bleed Sunshine)

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