The Music of Airbag

To too many DJ/producers nowadays, beat music is all about the bass. Fortunately, Airbag realizes the error in this and opts to make far more ethereal, spaced out tracks more seemingly appropriate for late night discussions on the place of “god” in today’s world, and whether or not the government is actually here for us or against us; you know, smart stoner shit.  It’s not that the British maestro eschews percussion, it’s simply that he realizes brushed drums alongside orchestral strings can be just as effective in getting heads to nod and booties to bump as anything Skrillex has ever dropped.  Like his namesake, Airbag is here to soften the impact and make the ride more enjoyable.  i, for one, certainly am down for that.  That Geico gecko seems to dig it, too.

mp3: Moonlight Odyssey (Airbag from his Soundcloud)

mp3: Vicar’s Breath/False Preaching (Airbag from his Soundcloud)

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