The Music of Gacha

Sure, everyone worries about ghosts in the machine and in the shell, but who worries about what said ghosts are going to dance to?  Enter Gacha, a beathead from Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.  The young maestro sent me a couple of tracks from his SoundCloud, and i knew i had discovered the dance floor soundtrack for our eventual robotic overlords.  (It also furthers my quest to be the provider of the most disparate beat locales on the Interwebs, but we all have personal goals, right?  To this day, i believe Odd Bloggings is still your only go-to source for Nigerian speed rap, but i’m clearly digressing here.)  Remember, people, when the time comes, and SkyNet makes it move, only the people who can make robotic motor booties shake will be kept alive.  In light of this obvious fact, Gacha should be seen as one of mankind’s last great hopes.  Low key glitch, chopped and screwed vocals over funky synths, all dipped in syrup.  Fuck Sarah Conner, i’m throwing my lot in over here.

mp3: Do Anything (Gacha from his SoundCloud)

mp3: Love You Down (Gacha from his SoundCloud)

mp3: To West Texas (Gacha from his SoundCloud)

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