The Obligatory Thanksgiving Mix Post

By this time, i have come to learn that the great unwashed masses now realize that when it comes to the Greatest Mixes You Will Ever Hear, they’re not going to find any place else that stuff 1/100th as good as the junk they’ll find here at LET. Arguably not the clearest of wording aside, i get it, folks. A holiday comes around, and all y’all need a mix to help you with decorating/eating/drinking/avoiding suicide/etc. And you want some really good shit. i can dig it. No worries, even. Truth be told, though, Thanksgiving isn’t exactly the easiest holiday for which to make a mix to blow your mind AND stuff your turkey. Aside from that Adam Sandler track, what’s a Mix Master Supreme to do? Well, whip out your three ring binders and start taking notes, kids, because this is how its done.

Don’t ask me why, but this was one of my absolute favorite tracks when i was about five. Probably had something to do with that infectious fiddlin’. Or maybe because i associated JD with the Muppets, and that’s reason enough for any kid to love a tune.

Who doesn’t love songs that verge on blatant pedophilia by old French dudes? You know NAMBLA wishes they had a theme song this catchy.

If i have to explain the inclusion of DOOM into any of my mixes, you need to either move along to a different site or do some more research on where you’ve ended up, suckafish.

mp3: Thank You (Pearl Jam with Robert Plant from 10-5-05 Concert)

You would have felt cheated if this Zep track wasn’t on your Thanksgiving mix, then i would have felt either bad and/or annoyed with your whining, and then nobody wins. So here it is, and everyone can go about their merry way, no muss, no fuss.

This one is for The Missus and her plentiful, er, cornucopias. That’s huge tracts of land to you and me, kids.

It’s short, sweet, jazzy and somehow catchy as hell. What’s not to be thankful about all that?

This track is both bizarre and entertaining. It’s about a chance backstage encounter between Jack White and the Flaming Lips wherein the White Striped Raconteur gives a gift of love to his heroes–a light-up Christ figurine. i wish i could get some rockstar drugs.

One of my favorite MD tunes from his best solo work to date. The fact that i’ve waited for that train and thought those same things certainly endears it further to me, but don’t let the fact that you’ve somehow managed to fortunately avoid Brooklyn up until this point in your life deter you from loving it just a little bit yourself.

Sure, it’s about overcoming addiction, but goddamn, that bass line could be the funkiest drug i’ve ever heard. And those horns? Somebody call Betty Ford’s for me now because i have a problem turning this one off repeat on ye olde iPod.

i had to get one absolutely legit Thanksgiving track in here, so i used this chestnut. Bust out the jelly beans and popcorn, folks, it’s party time!

And with that, you’re welcome.
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