The Odd Files by Deckard–Yet Another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape

Replicants beware!  Hot on the heels of the stellar Andromeda, we (me and the gnome in my pocket, naturally) had a virtual sit-down with beat virtuoso, Deckard, for the following exchange.

1.  Name, rank, serial number:

Deckard, Rank 2, Serial: 02071978

2.  i’ve been listening to your Andromeda EP practically on repeat for the past few days, and i’m digging the spacious beats.  How would you describe your sound to the world?

Broken Score Beats

3.  You’ve got a lot of beat heads remixing your work here.  Do you like working with other producers?  If you could play/work with anyone, who would it be?

I (have) not often worked with other producers, but if I got the chance I´m in. It´s not important who it is, but the tune between us.

4.  What’s coming up on the horizon for you?

First my lovely child from my lovely woman. The release date is the 18.April 2012. Also a lot of new material. The last years I´ve done so many tracks, that after the release of – For A Better Tomorrow – there (is) enough material for next releases. And I´ve got a concept album on screen, but this will last a while.

5.  It’s time to spread the love.  Who do you think deserves to have the spotlight shined on them that hasn’t already, i.e., name your favorite up and comer?

John Carpenter, Squeaky Lobster
6.  What haven’t i asked you?

Did you get rich from your work?

1.Dday One – If Eyes Were Ears (Content Label)
2.Deckard – One Less (unreleased)
3.Son Of Kick – Guacha Rekix (Equinox Records)
4.Deckard – Sweat (unreleased)
5.Burial & Four Tet – Moth (Text Records)
6.Cologne Tape – Render (Magazine 1)
7.Deckard – The Dawn Prelude (unreleased)
8.Lorn – Cherrymoon (Brainfeeder)
9.Deckard – My Love, Kill!! (unreleased)

mp3: The Odd Files (Deckard)

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