The Other Side by Robot Koch

Some of my favorite regular, monthly emails are the latest and greatest updates from Project: Mooncircle.  At the risk of cementing my sycophancy, those beat bastards simply can do no wrong.  And when they bring out their big guns, the results are even more formidable still.

This time around, Robot Koch, arguably their biggest DL-44 heavy blaster, tries his hand at a new sound/feel with The Other Side.  Now, for those of you in the know, Koch is a master of the booming beat.  While his albums are near impossible to pigeonhole into any one genre, i think most would agree that “quiet and introspective” are not necessarily words that immediately come to mind when considering the man’s impressive musical output.  Clearly not satisfied with simply conquering the bombastic, The Other Side shows a new side to the man’s catalogue.  For one thing, there are a lot more vocals here, and the etheral voice of John LaMonica clearly sets the stage for the entire CD, which is a particularly good thing in light of the fact that he shows up for a lot of tracks.  The percussion is lower in the mix, too, opening up an entire new dimension to the RK’s work.  The emphasis appears to be on solitary introspection, if the tone of the music is any indication.  For my listening pleasure, “Feel” and”Love” are the standout tracks on this one.

Dare i say it, this thing is a lot more Koch and a lot less Robot?  i believe i just did.

mp3: The Other Side Mini-Mix by Robot Koch

mp3: Heal (Robot Koch from The Other Side)

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