The Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack

No, we don’t have an early leak of what sure’s to be this year’s most kick ass soundtrack. i’m actually referring to the series of graphic novels here. While i have high hopes for the flick, i’ve been a fan of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book masterpiece for a few years now. He just released Book Six last week, which i finished last night. Not quite as fun and upbeat as Books Four (Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together) and Five (Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe) (my two favorite of the series), but a pretty decent ending nonetheless.

Anyway, this is a music blog, not a comics blog (go here for the best combo you’ll find on that), so today’s post actually is a recreation from the end of Book Three. On the final page, in a section marked, “this is kind of like a blog,” O’Malley mentions he puts together mix CDs for each novel he writes, then proceeds to list a bunch of tracks from said mixes. Well, after much searching, i finally was able to procure each and every track, which i’m sure you’re dying to hear, too. While it’s predominantly indie, there’s a surprising amount of alt-country, too. Title track “Scott Pilgrim” by the Plumtrees could be my new favorite, peppy indie track. Too bad i’m getting to the table a few years late on this one. Other notes of personal interest–includes the first Neil Young solo track i’ve ever liked, introduced me to the Flying Burrito Brothers, furthered my interest in learning more about Joel Plaskett, and has kick ass tracks by Spoon and the Old 97s. That’s good eatin’ right there, folks.

If this mixtape had a face, i’d kiss it.


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