The Secret Diety EP by Tortilla Pass

For the love of Benjy, Outlier Recordings, you might want to consider slowing your roll.  Not only is the label’s output hitting near Madlib-ian levels, but the quality of works puts most other cats to shame, too.  Worst of all?  Most of the folks over there aren’t even of legal drinking age yet.  Case in point, Tortilla Pass.  On his OR debut, The Secret Deity EP, the 18-year-old NY beatmeister further codifies what’s quickly becoming the signature Outlier sound—robotic, but not inhuman; otherworldly, but not foreign; spacey, but not Kevin.   Plus, and arguably most importantly, label head oddlogic finds talent with amazing ears for beats, plain and simple.  Utilizing both field recordings and samples, TP’s music takes the listener on a journey.  Sure, it’s a hallucinogenic trip, to say the least, but isn’t that what the kids are clamoring for these days?

mp3: Maybe Tomorrow (Tortilla Pass from The Secret Deity EP)

mp3: GrassGirl (oddlogic hypnosis mix) (Tortilla Pass from The Secret Deity EP)

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