The Smack Rabbit Edition

i suppose today’s post could be labelled a lot of different things, but, quite frankly, let’s just agree that i’ve stumbled upon some choice and tasty tunes to share of a somewhat hip-hoppish nature, with some juicy beat production swirled in for good measure. You know, like smack rabbit, a phrase i just totally made up when trying to think of something that combined “hippity hoppity” and “swirled in.” i expect a far more vulgar definition to be up on Urban Dictionary shortly, so have at it, kids.

Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats are back with their latest foray into Don’t-You-Fucking-Dare-Call-It-Horrorcore-Or-I’ll-Fucking-Cut-Your-Baby’s-Mama’s-Throat-Wave you with “Sandwitches.” The lyrics remain disturbing, yet well penned, and the beats displaying an ever increasing level of ass seizure inducement. Continuing with 2010’s indie push for more nekkidness on singles covers, i give this the LET seal of approval (but don’t tell Megan).

When last you heard from Ricky Eat Acid, he dropped some lovely, synth-driven HUGS on your collective ass. Since then, REA released and then asked us to hold onto another EP as it looks like old boy is getting some well deserved recognition in the form of an actual recording contract. While you were none the wiser, to make it up to, well, me, i guess, he teamed up with Teams and put together this spooky number for our collective ear holes.

mp3: Halls (Ricky Eat Acid ft. Teams from Halls)

Emay, Blackbird Blackbird and Star Slinger have joined forces to create Seeing Suge, which takes today’s intro paragraph sound description to its logical conclusion. The group single, Breaking,” comes with three solo tracks by the individuals. Star Slinger’s “1987” is particularly good.

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