The Top Albums of 2008 According to Chris: #10 – Nine Inch Nails

It’s no secret that I think Trent Reznor is a bit of the tortured genius when it comes to his music.

More importantly still, I’m hoping the guy is the bellwether for where music as an industry is headed. Between his Web 2.0 efforts to giving away countless free mp3s (thanks, Trent!), this guy has his finger on the pulse of where things are right now in terms of meaningful and important distribution channels.

I noticed that a number of folks out there felt strongly about NIN’s 08, too, placing Ghosts I-IV on their own Top Tens. While a wonderful exercise, I’m going to have to give the nod to The Slip. Another “pay what you want, if anything” exercise, a few of the tracks on this bad boy rank among the best in the NIN catalogue.

It’s good to hear Trent break out of the malaise that mired some of his more recent work (which is kind of weird to write, since the guy’s musical output is largely based on malaise, but whatever).

I can’t wait to find out what Mr. Reznor has in store for us in 2009.

mp3: Discipline (link expired)

mp3: Echoplex (link expired)

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