The Top Albums of 2008 According to Chris: #14 – The Raveonettes (Honorable Mention)

Man alive, we certainly lurved us some Lust Lust Lust when it first came out, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t seem to miss everyone’s “Best Of 08” lists. This was so much so the case, I even went back and double checked the release date (Feb 19, 2008, in case you cared).

So why the sudden lack of love for this reverb-heavy, certainly sexy music?

Maybe it was all the EPs the band released as the year continued.

Maybe it had to do with a track or two leaking back in 07.

Regardless, it seems a shame that it’s getting lost in the shuffle, so I’m going to throw it on my Honorable Mention list.

And if this video doesn’t make you want to see the Raveonettes live, well then, something clearly is wrong with you.

You’ve got to admit, the Danish duo have a sort of sinister snarl to them that makes their grooves infectious.

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