The Top Albums of 2008 According to Chris: #2 – Sia

Is there a more lovable pixie in all of musicdom than Sia? Whether you adore her for her work with Zero 7 or her solo stuff, the gal not only has an amazing set of pipes, but I can’t think of a performer who looks like s/he’s having more fun on stage than her.

2008 finally saw the release of the heavily leaked Some People Have Real Problems (she even invited fans to download illegally at one of her 07 stops at the 9:30 Club). Sure, she released it on the Starbucks label, but what can you do?

I’m sorry, but the lady just does something for me and, when 08 gave us Lykke Li, that’s really saying a lot. It’s just something about the way she seems to have boundless energy and a playfullness on stage that’s downright contagious. That being the case, she remains one of my favorite acts, year in, year out.

2009 allegedly will see the release of her next CD, which, incidentally, was written about two CDs ago, but was shelved by her then label for being “too upbeat,” proving yet again that label execs are fricking maroons (also, morons).

mp3: Little Black Sandals (link expired)

Here’s hoping Sia makes it back DC-way in 09.

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