The Top Albums of 2008 According to Chris: #6 – Andy Mullen

Not only is The Toenail Jar one of my top ten CDs for the year, I’m damn near positive it’s one of the best CDs you’ve never heard of in your life.

Mullen plays a unique style of indie-folk with some countrified leanings that should have even the most hipster-ish amongst us tapping their toes. What does it for me, however, is his incredible way with words. His lyrics are incisive, sharp and witty, whether it’s the rambling discourse of “Stream of Consciousness” or the tongue-in-cheek playfulness of “Quit Quittin'”.

He also digs deeper emotional veins with tracks like “Running Out of Time” and “So Does the Beer”, making for a nice contrast here and there. I’ve never particularly considered myself a huge proponent of the newer folk movement, but if Andy Mullen is anywhere in that mix, I think it’s time for me to start paying more attention.

mp3: Quit Quittin’ (link expired)

mp3: Stream of Consciousness (link expired)

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