These are the Soundtracks of Your Life (Assuming You’re a Psychotic Chick with Gun Issues)

After months of mostly worthless movies, FINALLY, two that i am pumped to see, are coming out.  In the next few weeks, both Sucker Punch and Hanna hit the theaters, and since this ostensibly is a music blog, i was able to get my grimy, little fingers on the soundtracks for both.

i’ll be the first to admit, it’s rather hard to judge movie soundtracks without having yet seen the movie.  Some of these tracks clearly will have a markedly different impact on the big screen, but i think it’s more than fair to talk about the albums as independent entities, i.e., can they stand on their own.

Sucker Punch is the movie i’m most anxious to see.  Since Tron pretty much flopped, there’s been very little fare for a geeky fanboy such as myself, but what little the trailers have shown clearly imply that Zack Snyder has made the next Nerd Wet Dream.  The soundtrack contains a lot of that same bombast, peppering softer vocal performances with bombastic guitars, percussion and even some orchestral arrangements.  Considering half the tracks are by actresses from the film, the vocal performances actually are better than you’d expect.  i was kind of surprised that Vanessa Hudgens (be still my heart) was NOT given a song, as i thought she was the only true songstress in the cast, but who am i?  Oh, and giving Carla Gugino (another hottie fave of mine) vocal credits on the closing track when she does little more than add some chorus probably is stretching things, but overall, this really is a good, stand-alone cover album.  Emily Browning’s “Sweet Dreams” is something, and while i expected a bit more from Alison Mosshart, the “Tomorrow Never Knows” cover isn’t too shabby, either.  And while its not technically a cover, the Bjork “Sucker Punch Remix” of “Army of Me” is phenomenal.  If the movie is at least as good as the soundtrack, i think we geeks will be pleased.  Now, there was a streaming link to a track or two up earlier, but it appears someone has since killed that Sound Cloud, so instead i give you this fanboy bonerific trailer. No, Led Zep is not on the soundtrack.

For regular readers of this site, you’re probably more interested in the Hanna soundtrack, as it was scored by none other than the Chemical Brothers.  Now, a lot of people got all hot and bothered when they learned that Daft Punk was taking on Tron: Legacy, and then bitched when they felt it was too much a movie score and not really a DP album.  Well, if that was your complaint for that soundtrack, i don’t think you’ll have the same problem with this one.  Sure, there are some filler tracks that probably are going to resonate a lot more in the context of the movie, but for the most part, there are some late night bangers on here that demand repeated listens.  Tracks like “Hanna’s Theme,” “Escape 700,” “The Devil Is In The Details,” and “The Devil Is In The Beats” will fit nicely on any beat mixtapes you might feel like making.  If the movie is half as good as this soundtrack, i think we geeks will be delighted.

In closing, you didn’t really think i was going to let St. Patrick’s Day go by without bringing out the greatest Irish soundtrack song of all time, did you? C’mon now. You know me better than that.

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