This One Time at Samurai Camp…

Unfortunately, today’s post is not about anything quite as cool as this.  You’ve got to Chile for that kind of noise, and you probably should go quick before Lucas’ legal team gets nasty.

Yesterday afternoon, for reasons that still are nothing more than stream-of-consciousness peculiar, i was perusing ye olde Band Camp and found myself searching for beat and hip hop tracks that had to do with samurai.  Perhaps my drugs are better than yours.  Perhaps they’re not as good.  i’ll let you make the call.  For the purposes of you lucky bastards, i actually found some pretty decent tracks along the way. 

While i find it nigh impossible to pick a favorite samurai anime (who hasn’t had that same problem a million times?), clearly the genre has inspired a boatload of beaters. 

Bitwise Operator takes inspiration from Samurai Jack, and what’s not to love about his choice?  Here’s a glitched up chop, heavy on the 8-bit synths, of the titular theme song.  While it’s a bit on the frenetic side, it works.

mp3: Samurai Hack (Bitwise Operator from Samurai Hack)

Samurai Champloo, particularly in the form of the late, great Nujabes‘ work, seems to have struck a chord with damn near every tenth beat DJ on Band Camp.  From building beats using the show’s soundtrack as source material that the artist builds upon to simply spitting rhymes over existing tracks, to be honest, there was a lot of absolute crap out there.  However, i think i might have sifted out a few keepers.

mp3: Samurai in the Air (Plue Starfox from Modal Suite)

mp3: Beat Fit for a Samurai (Plue Starfox from The Midnight Sun)

mp3: Dr. Feelgood [Tubed-Drum Please] (Substantial from Substantial vs Samurai Champloo: Beats, Rhymes & Strife)

Young X just said fuck it and goes straight to the heart of the matter on Afro Samurai.  Nothing like getting to things quickly.  Screw copyright laws, am i right?

mp3: Afro Samurai (Young X from Afro Samurai Single)

Branching outside of animation and into popular cinema, the awesomely named Gary Samurai samples both Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and The Last Dragon on these.  Anybody who puts the Sho’Nuff Shoguninto a track is alright in my book.  i’m just saying.

mp3: The Way of the Samurai (Gary Samurai from The Way of the Samurai)

mp3: I Am the Master! (Gary Samurai from The Way of the Samurai)

This really seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with the  Akira Kurosawa classic, but what can you do?  Brit hop with a kick.  i snagged this one for the samurai track, but the entire CD is pretty banging.

mp3: Seven Samurai ft. Marauders & Lax Luther (Darkstorm from B-Sides Basement)

i’m digging what ?Markis putting down.  Utilizing everything from chop sockey flick dialogue to a little bit of Star Wars, this crate digger has fun with what he’s doing AND manages not to sound like a simple RZA knock-off.  i think it’s the fun he’s clearly sounds to be having.  i understand using hiss and static as an artistic component, but my only complaint was i could have used a tad less here.

mp3: MILLIGRAMS OF TAR // Lo-Fi (?Mark from Samuraï Shodown)

More hip hop with some of the better production and definitely one of the most convoluted MC names i’ve seen in a minute.

mp3: Samurai’s Soul (Lion, the Uncommon Samurai from Writing on the Mind)

And to send you on your merry way, here’s some Bushido in your eye.  A chilled beat that should be easy to remember, name-wise, at least.

mp3: Bushido Blade (Bushido Blade from Bushido Blade)

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