This Other Time at Samurai Camp

Let’s be honest, the album cover for today’s post probably could have warranted its own post here at OB.  Throw into the mix that the duo in question goes by the handle of Ana Katana & Li Voxthat makes tight trip-hop with an Eastern edge, and well, there was no avoiding it for me.  Their sound is at once ominous and inviting, the former through Katana’s dark beats, the latter through Vox’s lilting, uh, vox.  Think Blade Runner soundtrack as done by Trent Reznor on one of his less-industrial-y days…driving, rhythmic and hypnotic.

For your background briefing, Ana Katana was doing her thing, making laid back beats, when she decided to post an ad on MySpace for a vocalist to further flesh out her sound.  Enter one Li Vox, all the way from Portugal, who responded with a vocal sample of her own.  The rest, as they say, is history, with an already successful Postal Service-like relationship resulting.  Ana took down the ad, the two began communicating through various on-line channels, and here we are.

Now i’m off to ferret out more pictures of naked women with swords, ninja beat mixes and maybe something inspired by the Monkey King.

mp3: Brownout (Exotica Remix) (Ana Katana & Li Vox from their Band Camp)

mp3: The Fog Never Lifts (Ana Katana & Li Vox from their Band Camp)

mp3: She Changed Her World (Ana Katana & Li Vox from their Band Camp)

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