To Be Continued… by The Nocturnals

Like a pleasant FB stalk from that chick you made out with your junior year at that one party where you were rolling your face off, i recently heard from The Nocturnals, a Chicago-based hip-hop duo i’ve been digging for more than a minute now.  Not that the Nocturnals and i ever hooked up, i’m just really good at really bad similies.

i’ve been trying to come up with something profoundly witty to say about this one, but, plain and simple, i just like it.  There’s something about the flow and cadence of spitter Rota that is downright hypnotic to me.  And producer Lucca makes beats that are fun, which, quite frankly, is missing from too much hip-hop these days.  Who else samples two chatbots arguing with one another?  Track names like “I Want To Have Sweet, Sweet Hate-Sex With Sarah Palin” and “Jews & Gay Babies” cement the notion that these cats are here to have a good time.  And while the guest stars may or may not be names with which you’re familiar (Young General, Adrienne Nadeau, and Sara), they certainly do their individual duties and make a strong album that much stronger.  Sure, the sound is a tad muddy here and there, but that’s part of the allure of DIY music, isn’t it?  Standout tracks for me include “Sweet Home” and “I Miss My Innocence.”  Check ’em out yourself before you go cop the entire CD for free.

mp3Sweet Home (ft. Young General) (The Nocturnals from To Be Continued… )

mp3: I Miss My Innocence (ft. Adrienne Nadeau) (The Nocturnals from To Be Continued… )

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