TOKiMONSTA’s Resident Advisor Mix

Ah, TOKi, how dope are thee?  Let me count the beats.

i try not to be too effusive with my praise for certain female artists, as i worry the Missus is going to get pissed some day, but what can a guy do when someone like TOKiMONSTA is out there cranking out stellar mixes like the one she just dropped for Resident Advisor?  i’ve said it before, and i’ll probably forget i did at some future point, but will still say it again then–this is the DJ you want spinning for your personal after-after-hours party.  The purpose of mixes like these is to demonstrate how deep and varied the crates of the Mix Master are.  Well, assuming you don’t mind your brain being fed, TOKi’s are deeper and more varied than yours, mine and the next six cats you stop on the street.  The following playlist speaks for itself.  i think the only remaining question is who does a guy have to blow to get her to make an exclusive mix for Odd Bloggings?

mp3: RA.270 Tokimonsta – 2011.08.01 (TOKiMONSTA from Resident Advisor Podcast)


Torso Kurten – The Fraternity Of Torture
Baris Manco- Lambaya Puf De
DJ Krush – Roll & Tumble
Stromba – Manphibian
Gonjasufi – Kowboyz&Indians
Tokimonsta – Brand New
Tortoise – Senecca
Luniz – Put The Lead On Ya
Samiyam – Already
Flying Lotus – Dirty Chopsticks
Häzel – Piano Boy
Tokimonsta – In The Mist
Jeremia Jae – $Easons
Gucci Mane – Photoshoot (Flying Lotus Remix)
Jonwayne – Time Trial
Daedelus – Tailor-Made (Tokimonsta Remix)
Unknown Shapes – If I Should Die
Tokimonsta – Mileena’s Theme
Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles
Fuck Buttons – Rough Steez
Oorutaichi – Futurelina
Austin Peralta – Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles
Beach House – Walk In The Park
Tokimonsta feat. Gavin – Darkest (Dim)

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