Tokyorkshire Research Inc. by kidkanevil

One of my favorite current beatheads cutting up and sampling one of the greatest electronic pioneers of all time?  Yeah, my ear holes can use some of that.

If you don’t know kidkanevil, you’re slipping, son.  The First Word Records artist has taken his knob twiddling to an art form.  No shit, Chet.  No shit.  Ever since i heard freebeatsnbleeps, i’ve been hooked like a strung-out fish on crack ridden worms, which, as we all know, is how that one kid got caught up himself.

If you’re unfamiliar with Raymond Scott, well, get the fuck off my lawn.  i’m seriuos, kid.  The man was a musical genius who i’m comfortable saying even surpassed Sexual Chocolate.  Not only did Dilla recognize the man’s greatness, but he’s also been sampled by everyone from Soul Coughing to DOOM and a kajillion others in-between.  If that weren’t enough, he essentially is responsible for the vast majority of the music from the original Looney Toons.  Yes, sir, that’s right, the man soundtracked Bugs Bunny.  He went on to become a true leader in the electronic music industry, creating sounds and instruments never heard before.  i cannot confirm or deny that he was one of the world’s first beatboxers, but how fucking cool would that be if it were true?

Like Black and Dynamite, we’ve got two great tastes that funk great together.  Have at it, children.

mp3: Yes… (kidkanevil from Tokyorkshire Research Inc. )

mp3: Space Girls (kidkanevil from Tokyorkshire Research Inc.)

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