Two Kinds of Blues by Luka

Declarations of housing proximity aside, Luka is a beat head of sensibilities similar to our own.  Here’s a Liverpool cat that appreciates the old adage, it’s all about the crates, kid.  Drawing a similar vibe as L’Orange, Luka paints audio pictures utilizing shades of jazz, R&B, jazz, soul and funk, naturally distilled with a contemporary producer’s penchant for hip-hop.  These are head nodders and groovers, so the rowdy need not apply, though there might indeed be something here for those long haired freaky people.  Taking the title from an old Lady Day interview regarding the two types of blues, Luka has done his homework here.  Whether the hour is late or early, tracks like these provide sustenance for your body and soul.

mp3: Billie’s Blues (Luka from Two Kinds of Blues)

mp3: Can’t Stop (Luka from Two Kinds of Blues)

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