Used Vinyl Review by Us Natives

When you come out of the box with Sexual Chocolate, i’m going to assume you’re not fucking around.  On Used Vinyl Review, Us Natives live up to the expectation.  Comprised of Ill Clinton and John E. Cab, the dynamic duo show off deep crates and a deeper understanding of what makes for good beats.  There’s an almost Madvillain sense of haphazard clarity, a little R&B vocals here, some jazz horns there, sweeping  string arrangements in the corner, and weird shit all over the place.  Whereas a lot of beat projects are best taken in small, single doses, Used Vinyl Review plays well as an entire, straight-through listening experience.  While the tempos ebb, the flow never does.  Us Natives demonstrate an uncanny ability to paint emotionally resonating jams, and i don’t just mean your big, easy ones, like “joyous” or “sad,” but deep shit, like “solipsistic” and “introspective” and “nicely baked, thanks for asking.”  Tracks drip into one another like rain on a window pane, crossing into and out of one another’s way, continuing an album long ride that detours at multiple stops along the way.  As luck would have it, the point here is the journey.

mp3: So Lovely (Us Natives from Used Vinyl Review)

mp3: Gladiators (Us Natives from Used Vinyl Review)

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