Variations on a Theme: New York is Killing Me

Sorry, kids, i’ve been in NYC the past few days at a conference, so i’m kind of pressed for time today (an all-too-common theme lately, it seems). i’ve got some work piled up from being out of the office, plus, let’s be honest, the Blackhawks are playing for the Cup shortly, so this one would have been a George Clinton quickie anyway.

Of course, this does give me a perfect opportunity to post a couple of different variations on the Gil Scott-Heron piece, “New York is Killing Me,” from his latest I’m New Here. The spoken word artist has been in and out of jail dealing with drug issues for the better part of this past decade, but the new CD is strong regardless. Clearly, i’m not the only one who thinks so, as a number of hip hop’s elite have decided to spit fire of their own over the track.

mp3: New York is Killing Me (Gil Scott-Heron ft. Mos Def)

mp3: New York is Killing Me (Gil Scott-Heron ft. Nas)
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