Gather round, children, as today we read from the Book of Funk, verse one (because as Dogfather George taught us, it’s always on the one).  “And lo, from the north there came DEAD HORSE BEATS, a beathead with a love for gospel.”  Built over the course of eight months, the artists also known as Patrick Wade’s latest, Vespers, contains 53 samples of gospel, found sound, soul and funk put together with added banjo, guitar, harmonica, synths, organs and ambient recorded stuff where DHB thought it would benefit the sound.  Somebody get this man a job in HR, as he clearly knows all about benefits.  Not to beat a dead horse, but if i’ve said it once, this will make it twice:  it’s all about the source material, kids.  DHB lovingly takes a distinct genre and bends it to his will, transforming and creating something distinctly non-gospel whilestill retaining all sorts of spirituality.  This is becoming his hallmark, as an earlier project focused on 1940s/WWII-era swing music proves.  Stick with it, sir.  Now if only i could talk him into a 1980s beatbox exclusive special…

mp3: I’ll Take Jesus for Mine (DEAD HORSE BEATS from Vespers)

mp3: Walk with Me (DEAD HORSE BEATS from Vespers)

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