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i’ve been meaning to do a Video Vixens post for a while now, even having gone so far as to compile a list of things i’ve watched lately that i wanted to share. As i’ve mentioned in the past, MTV lost anything resembling relevance to me decades ago, and so i wrongly assumed that videos were dead, too. Au contraire, mon frere. Seems nothing could be further from the truth. As long as we’re sticking to the truth, however, i should probably point out that i’ve lost that aforementioned list, so there probably are a couple of gems i wanted you to see that now may never come to pass. Try not to lose any sleep over that fact.

Die Antwoord apparently is a “fake” band, but regardless of that fact, they’ve actually got a pretty decent sound. Their angle is that they’re a South African hip hop group, clearly playing up the “inner city” side, so if you don’t understand half of what they’re saying and you don’t happen to be South African yourself, there you have it. That being said, who else out there it touting their ninja-ness in this day and age? Not nearly enough folks. And is it just me, or does Yo-Landi Vi$$er (the borderline albino singer) have a lil’ sumfin sumfin going on?

mp3: Enter the Ninja (Die Antwoord from $0$)

i’ve always dug St. Vincent, and i still feel bad that i slept so much on her Actor, which clearly is a stellar piece of work. Here she is with the wonderful THUNDERANT, getting her bookstore groove on.

mp3: Laughing With a Mouth of Blood (St. Vincent from Actor)

Dude, it’s a love story with Ronald McDonald. And it’s a kick ass tune. ‘Nuff said.

Clearly, the most fucked up video you will see today. Well, maybe. It’s good to see Janeane Garofalo working again, though. Not for the faint of heart. Or crotch, for that matter.

José James is a jazz singer who recently teamed up with Wunder-Producer Flying Lotus. Yes, the following is a K-Swiss commercial, but this track is so damn smooth, it had to be shared. Plus, maybe you need new shoes. i don’t know. i’m just trying to be helpful.

mp3: Blackmagic (José James from Blackmagic)

A lot of people thought Q-Tip’s last joint was pretty good, but i didn’t think it was all that and a bag of chips. This track with Norah Jones, though, was out-of-the-park fantastic. The video’s not too shabby, either.

mp3: Life is Better (Q-Tip ft. Norah Jones from The Renaissance)

You really liked that fucked up Health one, didn’t you? Who am i to deny the sick bastard in each of us? i pity the fool that would even try to pull that shit.

No music in today’s closer, but it’s something to think about nonetheless, particularly if you’re trying to figure out what your kid’s school play should be next year. And that’s the fudging truth, baby.

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